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Street dance is a vibrant and diverse art form that encompasses a wide range of social dance styles. From the acrobatic moves of breakdancing to the fluidity of house dance, there's something for everyone in this exciting world of dance. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, street dance offers endless opportunities for self-expression and creativity. Other Styles of street dance include: popping, locking, waacking, and voguing.


A beginner dancer is someone who has never danced before in their life, but really wants to try it out! Our beginner dance courses are designed to help you ease into the world of dance, and to have fun in a judgement free zone!


An intermediate dancer is someone who has a bit of experience with dance, but is not quite ready to jump into our advanced course. Intermediate offers more challenging choreography, but not so challenging so that you can sill have fun!


An advanced dancer is someone who's been dancing for several years, or someone who feels like they can pick up choreography quickly! Come join in on all the exciting fun and challenge yourself to show off your advanced skills!


In order for our students to excel at the many different styles of street dance, we recommend they wear shoes with rubber soles. Your regular gym shoes are totally okay, but if purchasing new shoes, a student should select ones that have a smoother bottom with less traction. As far as attire goes, students are encouraged to embrace street style looks! Baggy tops and loose pants are totally cool in our studio! Students should feel comfortable when dancing, so things like workout gear and other non traditional street garments are totally cool too! We want you to feel your best when dancing, so wear whatever will help you succeed on your dance journey. If you can pop and lock in it, then you can definitely wear it to our street classes.

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