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Need a form of dance that leaves you feeling sexy and empowered? Look no further! Heels dance is performed while wearing high-heeled shoes, typically stilettos. This style of dance is often characterized by sharp, precise movements and a focus on footwork and body control. Heels dance can be performed to a variety of music genres, including pop, hip-hop, and R&B. At our state-of-the-art dance studio, we warmly welcome individuals who are eager to learn the art of dancing in heels. While it is recommended that you wear heels, it is not required!


A beginner dancer is someone who has never danced before in their life, but really wants to try it out! Our beginner dance courses are designed to help you ease into the world of dance, and to have fun in a judgement free zone!


An intermediate dancer is someone who has a bit of experience with dance, but is not quite ready to jump into our advanced course. Intermediate offers more challenging choreography, but not so challenging so that you can sill have fun!


An advanced dancer is someone who's been dancing for several years, or someone who feels like they can pick up choreography quickly! Come join in on all the exciting fun and challenge yourself to show off your advanced skills!


Heels dance is all about feeling sexy and having fun. For shoes, we would recommend a 2-3 inch heeled boot that laces up as this will provide great ankle support while dancing. A stiletto heel is better than a chunky heel because it allows great movement for turns. If you are intimidated by a high heel, a great place to start is with a hip-hop shoe, a jazz shoe, or a kitten heel! As for attire, we recommend your wear something that makes you feel sexy, comfortable, and also provides you with as much movement as possible. Most people who dance in heels wear leggings as they provide a great formed fit, while also allowing a dancer to move around comfortably. Leggings also provide a layer of protection to your legs when doing floor work As with our other courses, we want our dancers to feel comfortable on their dance journey with us, so if a student decides to wear a more loose fitted outfit to class, that is totally okay! We want you to wear whatever will help you excel in your dance courses while also feeling safe and having fun!

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