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Jordan Mac Dance is Michigan’s #1 dance studio for adult dance classes. Whether you are new to dance, returning to after an extended absence, or looking to supplement your regular fitness routine, Jordan Mac Dance offers a fun, innovative way to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.


Dancers have the option to Enroll in a course(s) for $79/month or Drop-in for $25/class. Enrollment is our most popular offering, giving dancers a mix of foundation, technique, and performance quality choreography. Classes meet the same day and same time each week for 4 weeks each month. By the last week, dancers will have the choreography down! Perks of the enrollment program at Jordan Mac Dance include 55min classes each week, class videos available weekly so you can practice between classes, you save $20 a month for each class you enroll in, you can request class songs, early sign-up access to our special dance events, and you will be an active member of our dance community!


The mission of Jordan Mac Dance is to promote physical and mental health by cultivating self-confidence through dance and to create an active community of life-long dancers, both recreational and professional. We hope to inspire and empower individuals and communities through the art of dance and movement.

Professional Dance Training:

Jordan Mac Dance Professional Classes specializes in preparing career-minded dancers for success in the talent industry.

The studio is run by Jordan Mac, who is also the owner of Mac Talent Agency in Detroit, Michigan. As a lifetime dancer, Jordan exudes passion for the artistry of dance (particularly hip-hop) and, over the years, has used this passion to inspire and prepare young entertainers for their future careers. In these preparations, Jordan noticed that young talent still needed additional training elements before entering the professional field. Jordan crafted programs to help performers transition into the industry successfully and created Jordan Mac Dance.

In our professional training classes dancers receive privileged knowledge and professional instruction from some of the most talented and hard-working choreographers in the industry. We offer career guidance in tour etiquette, networking, and general industry practices while providing talent-honing sessions in stage presence, vocals, acting and dance choreography.


Jordan Mac Dance has the most comprehensive preparatory program for effectively navigating and succeeding in the dance industry. Our team walks serious performers through entertainment production. Dancers learn to work with all the moving parts of a project, such as videography, photography, lighting, editing, wardrobe, hair and makeup. As performers are immersed in the production processes, they become familiar with current industry practices such as self-branding and creating media content for various platforms.

Jordan Mac Professional Training is not just for taking dance classes. When students complete our program, they possess the information, skills, and confidence to pursue a career in the entertainment industry!

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