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Who Is Jordan Mac?

Jordan Mac was born in Detroit, Michigan and has the heart and the hustle of the Motor City. Though she has several interests, her first love is dance. Ambitious and goal-oriented from a young age, Jordan worked multiple jobs in high school to support her dreams. To finance her education at Specs Howard School of Media Arts, Jordan worked as a make-up artist for a local fashion photography company and as a freelance make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics.

At age 18, Jordan started a touring dance workshop company. She rented space from the fashion photography company and began advertising for her workshops. Before she could take her hip-hop on the road, Jordan received a call from a woman looking to book breakdancers. Though Jordan was not a booking agent, she rose to the occasion. Bacardi was hosting a special event at a Detroit club, and Jordan secured the 10 breakdancers they needed. After successfully working with Bacardi, another company asked Jordan if she booked models. Ever prepared, Jordan made it happen. And thus, Mac Talent Agency was born.

In her work as an agent, Jordan noticed that the individuals she hoped to represent were incredibly talented, but often ill-prepared for the industry. She would find phenomenal dancers without professional demos and beautiful models without high-quality photos. Soon, Jordan found herself in a primarily developmental role, consulting with her talent on image, branding, resume-building, and the importance of professional content. These services complimented Mac Talent Agency, but did not match the agency’s mission to provide clients with world-class talent. Jordan separated the branding services from the agency bookings and created Jordan Mac Studios.

Jordan Mac Studios offered image and branding consultations, headshots and photo shoots, web design, make-up lessons, and dance classes. As the studio grew in its successes, the company began to develop in distinctly different directions. To foster this growth, Jordan isolated the branding services and launched Boss Image, the one-stop-shop marketing firm. Jordan preserved the educational foundation of Jordan Mac Studios and continues to instruct career-minded dancers. In 2020, Jordan Mac Studios will introduce its Certificate Program as a collegiate platform to launch performers into the entertainment industry.

- Kimberly



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