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Dance Your Way Out of the Pandemic

Let’s face it, this past year has been tough… really tough. For most of us, the Coronavirus Pandemic has taken the life we once knew and loved and flipped it completely on its head. Everything from our daily routines to our nightly shenanigans have been transformed into a lifestyle that would be unrecognizable to our pre-pandemic selves. I don’t know about you, but I think I’m ready to take my life back. As long as I’m living, I want to feel ALIVE. And what could possibly make you feel more alive than an exhilarating, heart-pumping adult dance class?

Absolutely nothing.

Taught by Jordan Mac, our adult dance classes provide the perfect outlet to cope with the Covid-coma that this pandemic has inflicted upon all of us. Walk into a fun, friendly environment and leave all of your stress at the door. When you return home from one of our excitement-filled classes, your entire body, mind and soul will be overtaken with a feeling of fulfillment. This is a feeling that simply can only be achieved through dance. This pandemic has forced us to do a lifetime’s worth of sitting around in just one year. Therefore, the next time you think about plopping down on the couch, consider popping up instead to come join us for a one of a kind experience.

You’ve spent enough time letting Covid strip you of the things you love, so join us in taking that important first step back into normalcy. Rejoice in the fact that the aforementioned “step” will be one taken with style. With passion. A step that MC Hammer couldn’t even touch. Get out there and break a leg, shake a leg, and maybe even do the stanky leg.

So what sounds better, watching that same Netflix movie again for the fifth time this month, or going out and getting your groove on with a group of new friends? The choice is yours.

- Joey Savoie



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