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Professional Dance Careers Beyond Performance

Whether you have a degree in dance or have been dancing since before you could walk, a dance-related career can be in your future. A professional dancer is not the only job you can obtain from having a background in dance; there are a variety of other careers that can significantly utilize your dance expertise. Try expanding your mind beyond the dance studio and into the professional world. If you have a love for dance but have other valuable skills you want to utilize, keep reading to find the perfect dance-related career for you.

1. Dance Teacher

This is one of the most obvious job choices when thinking about a dance-related career. When life-long dancers get to the age of choosing their future path, becoming a dance teacher is often a popular choice. Dance teachers get to utilize their wide-variety of dance skills and can also choose which genre they want to teach—whether it be hip-hop, jazz, ballet, or all of the above! An interest in business can also allow dancers to open up their own studio which can allow more creative freedom. Being a dance teachers gives you the opportunity to train and influence dancers of all ages—from brand-new dancers to older, more experienced dancers. The dance industry would not be where it is today without the hard-working, talented teachers behind each and every dancer!

2. Marketing or Public Relations for Dance

Every studio, theater, or arts company must have a marketing and public relations side to their business. If you have a passion for dance but also have an interest in the behind-the-scenes of how these companies run, a career in marketing or public relations for one of these dance-related businesses may be right for you. By understanding the dance field, creating promotional materials and maintaining your business’ relationships with the media can give you an advantage into how it is perceived from the public eye and how it affects the dance field as a whole.

3. Yoga or Pilates Instructor

There is a lot of overlap between dance and these methods of exercise. Through years of intense dance training, you learn to understand a lot about the body and the way it moves, making you a great candidate for a yoga or Pilates instructor. These workouts use the body and mind to make you physically and mentally healthier, teaching you breathing techniques, stretches for sore muscles, and moves to benefit balance and posture. There are a variety of options to work at a studio, teach private lessons, or even instruct abroad for a resort. This job is a great way to stay physically active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and have a little fun while doing it.

4. Dance Photographer or Videographer

If you’re a dancer, chances are you’ve been in front of the camera countless times. What if you could create a professional career from being behind the camera instead? A crucial part of the dance industry are the exceptional photos and videos showcasing the talent. By having to learn your own angles and what looks good on camera over the years, you naturally understand some of the aspects that goes into capturing a stunning shot. This knowledge can come in handy in a career as a photographer or videographer—especially if you work within the dance industry. Every studio, performing center, or even individual dancer needs a talented professional who knows how to work a camera to capture them performing.

-Natalie H.


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