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Jordan Mac Studios Dance Certificate Program

Updated: May 13, 2019

Dance is life!

When it comes to dancing, you have to consider every single benefit that a dance session provides. From the physical exertion, mental liberation to countless moves to learn. Given the fact that programs are offered through school or local facilities, a lot of dancers have started at a young age. There are also dancers who start out at an older age, making the possibilities for dancing endless, but there is a question that can sometimes loom larger than life:

What’s Next?

At Jordan Mac Studios, we offer a college-level dance certificate program. This program aims to equip dancers with the education and tools that they need to build a career in dance. Whether you’d be interested in choreography or performing professionally as a tour dancer, Jordan Mac Studios has you covered.

Our 12-month certificate program is an exclusive one, as we only admit twenty-five students per year. In order to apply, students must have five or more years of dance experience and a high-school diploma, prior to the start of the program: September 9th. The program features an extensive curriculum, spanning across a wide range of concepts.

Students will learn many different aspects of the dance industry. Among the courses, this certificate program offers an introduction to kinesiology and body movement, and students are able to learn hands-on complementary skills in the acting and make-up artistry classes. Courses in business, social media marketing, and on-camera training are implemented to teach students different ways to manage their future dance careers and optimize their opportunities. Dance career training and technique classes are examples of the more traditional courses offered through the Jordan Mac Certificate Program. This is where students will literally practice, rehearse, and are equipped with the communicative skills to reach dancers of all levels in an instructive capacity. Most excitingly, students enrolled will participate in a dance concept video, and graduate with a professional headshot and solo demo footage. This is all ideal for future industry auditions.

As a certificate program participant, you’ll be ready to take on the world with these set of skills under your belt. It’s not a matter of step, step, repeat until your feet blister. We’re talking about a complete and comprehensive course load that will allow students to gain experiences and knowledge they may never have attained otherwise. This means that for all the competition pursuing a career without this same foundation, our dancers have the advantage of that leg up. Not to mention, we also dance our butts off in the process.


– Taylor T.


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