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Jazz is a popular and dynamic dance style that originated in the early 20th century in America. It is a blend of African and European dance traditions characterized by its use of isolations, sharp and fluid movements, and syncopated rhythms. It emphasizes individuality and encourages dancers to bring their own personality and style to the dance. Jazz dance often incorporates elements of other dance styles, such as ballet, tap, and hip-hop, making it a versatile and ever-evolving genre.


In order to jazz it up with us at our studio, students should bring a standard jazz shoe with them to class. As for dance wear, students should wear a more form fitted outfit. Leotards and tights are preferred, but not a requirement! If a student prefers to wear other form fitting gear that works too! Or if you're not feeling the form fitted look, baggy and other loose fitting garments work as well! Students should feel comfortable when dancing, so things like workout gear, t-shirts, and light hoodies totally okay! We want you to feel your best when dancing, so wear whatever will help you succeed on your dance journey with us.

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