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 Celebrity Shout Outs 

Gary Beauford - Broadway Dance Center

“What I like about Jordan Mac Studios is that they are not just offering classes that you take every week; they do career consulting, they help you build your brand, and they build you as somebody who wants to go into the industry.”


Corey Whitfield - So You Think You Can Dance

“What people should expect coming from Jordan Mac Studios is a nice up-tune big dance company that’s going to be one of the biggest that ever came out of Michigan. Your mind will be blown.

They show that Michigan has the same aspects as LA, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. People don’t have to leave home they can get it right here.”


Jaimie Goodwin - Shaping Sound Dance Company, So You Think You Can Dance  

“Jordan Mac Studios is not just teaching the dancer about dance, but also teaching the dancer about the tools you need outside of dance to become a successful dancer.”

Rodney Howard - BET Instagram Star

“Thank you for extending this warm welcoming to me and once I make it big you know you always have my business. Much love from me to you Jordan Mac Studios”

Tristan Andrews - Americas Best Dance Crew

“One of the best vibes I’ve ever had in a studio”


                                - Jordan Mac 

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