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Contemporary is a genre of dance that emerged in the mid-20th century as a response to traditional forms of ballet and modern dance. It is a highly expressive and experimental style of dance that incorporates a wide range of movements, from fluid and graceful to abrupt and angular. Contemporary dance is a highly diverse and versatile genre with countless styles and approaches. Some dancers focus on the physicality of movement, while others prioritize emotional expression or storytelling. Many contemporary dance pieces incorporate multimedia elements such as music, video projection, and sculpture to create a fully immersive experience for the audience.


A beginner dancer is someone who has never danced before in their life, but really wants to try it out! Our beginner dance courses are designed to help you ease into the world of dance, and to have fun in a judgement free zone!


An intermediate dancer is someone who has a bit of experience with dance, but is not quite ready to jump into our advanced course. Intermediate offers more challenging choreography, but not so challenging so that you can sill have fun!


An advanced dancer is someone who's been dancing for several years, or someone who feels like they can pick up choreography quickly! Come join in on all the exciting fun and challenge yourself to show off your advanced skills!


In order to tell the most compelling of stories through dance, our contemporary dancers often dance in either their bare feet, or in a dance sock. While dance socks are not required, it is important that if a dancer is choosing to wear socks that they have enough traction so they do not slip! Please keep in mind that if you choose to dance barefoot, it might feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning as your skin is rubbing up against our floors, but with time the bottoms of your feet will get used to it. Dancers may also wear a pirouette shoe if they like! As for your attire, dancers should wear a form fitted outfit, like a leotard and tights, in order for our instructors to help correct their form. This not a requirement! If a dancer feels more comfortable in other form fitted clothes like workout gear, or even in some looser clothes like t-shirts and sweats, that is totally okay as well! We want our dancers to feel their best in class so that they can excel on their dance journey with us!

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