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Beginner Hip-hop

Love to dance but don't have a ton of experience?  If so, then our beginner Hip-hop class is the one for you!  This class combines a unique style of freestyle movements with an upbeat song to create an exciting and fun piece of choreography.

Intermediate Hip-hop

This class is for more experienced dancers who love dancing to Hip-hop music.  You can expect to learn some more challenging moves than our beginner class, while still having just as much fun.

Beginner Heels

Need a form of dance that leaves you feeling sexy and empowered? Look no further.  Our Beginner Heels class combines elements of Hip-hop and Jazz dance to create an exciting and electric final product.  While it is recommended that you wear heels, it is not required.

Intermediate Heels

Similar to our Intermediate Hip-hop class, this class is for the more experienced dancer.  You can expect all of the same elements provided in our Beginner Heels class, but with some more challenging steps and choreography.

Advanced Classes

Take classes with some of the best dancers and choreographers in the industry. Read more about our dane workshops and master classes

Professional Level

Take your dancing to the next level! Learn how to dance on camera. 

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