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The Jordan Mac Dance Preparatory Program runs from September through August. This style of dance program is the first of its kind in the US. We offer two program; one with a focus on Hip-Hop & Street Dance, and the other with a focus in Contemporary & Jazz. Students must agree to attend their mandatory group class once a week and are able to take unlimited drop-in classes of their choice.  This program is a pro level / non-competition dance program. 



Students will be trained in:


·         Dance

·         Acting

·         On-video camera training

·         Posing for the still camera

·         Auditioning

·         Interviewing

·         Industry-ready studies

·         Parents Class (Parents will be invited to take our industry classes with students to learn about signing with Talent Agencies and Managers)



We provide our students with professional level training so that when they graduate from our program they have the tools and skills needed to become a paid professional in the field of dance. Our preparatory program is for the serious-minded student whose true desire is to break into the entertainment industry as a professional dancer. Because, at Jordan Mac Studios, we seek out only the serious-minded students, our dance company is by audition only. Dancers that are accepted into this program are required to commit to weekly rehearsals and technique classes. 

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